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MX D/S Mouth Mirrors F/S CS #5

Miltex is proud to introduce the newest generation of double sided mouth mirrors. Our new thinner profile mirror provides less obstruction intra-orally while offering the dental clinician a high quality view of the oral cavity. The molding process provides a joint free, easier to clean, high quality frame. The one piece frame reduces the potential risk of scratching the delicate cheek tissue while providing clinicians with a strong cheek retractor.

The new double sided mirrors are front surface mirrors, providing accurate visualization of the oral cavity with a high quality view from both glass surfaces. The mirrors are available in sizes 4 and 5 both cone socket and simple stem threads. Miltex continues to be a leading innovator in mirror and glass technologies for both dental and medical applications.


  • Thinner profile mirror;
  • Machined frame;
  • High quality stainless steel; and
  • Front surface glass.



  • Provides better access in tight spaces;
  • No welds or wires for debris to collect around or clean around;
  • Reduces the potential risk of scratching a patient's cheek during retraction;
  • Will last a long time, maximizing instrument investment; and
  • Provides accurate visualization, no double image.

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13MX-DSMMFC5 | MX D/S Mouth Mirrors F/S CS #5 | 67723 | Instruments | INTEGRA MILTEX
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MX D/S Mouth Mirrors F/S CS #5 13MX-DSMMFC5 INTEGRA 67723 PKG